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Where Are We Now

As the E-cademy navigates toward successfully reaching more students, we are also creating and developing new opportunities to learn the English language.

Cobara e-cademy is the very first e-cademy established in October 2020 on the island of Nosy Be, Madagascar with over 700 students who have enrolled in the program. The e-cademy continuously grows and builds a strong English foundation in our students.


Following the success of the first e-cademy, Amabatozavavy e-cademy which is also called “e-cademy 2” situated in the neighbouring village in Nosy Be, started operations with a good number of students and continues to aim the goal of providing quality English education.


By continuing this initiative, expansion opportunities are
taken to offer the program to students that are coming from remote areas of Nosy, Be. Ambatoloaka e-cademy also known as “e-cademy 3” is our new inspiration to bring near English education to many places.