November 30, 2020


Seven weeks after we launched the very first online English class in Nosy Be Madagascar, we are proud to say that today we have 108 financially challenged students who are devoted and passionate to pursue their courses and progressing incredibly and delivering amazing results. This keeps us motivated in improving and enlarging the classes.

We opened our first English conversational session with a keynote speaker with the students via a zoom conference.

All the students present during the session were grasping every moment of it. At first, it took time for them to get used to the zoom technology and at the same time to catch up on the unusual English accent. They tried their best to respond to the keynote questions. A few minutes down the line, they started forming short sentences and within 40 minutes of warming up, some of them started talking openly. It was a conversation full of knowledge for both sides with opinions and thoughts back and forth and students’ minds continuously being challenged to effectively converse in English. Aside from using computers, it is also their first time to talk to an outside keynote speaker and we could notice the mixed emotions being expressed throughout the session.

It was a mesmerizing session, seeing on zoom how much these financially challenged students are eager to learn, to advance, to wanting to move forward in life but their financial means block them in doing so. Wings e-cademy have taken a different turn in this small paradisiac island of Nosy Be with a population of 109,000 and all living under the poverty level, wherefrom no education available for the financially challenged students to directly take them into today’s digital world. They are learning the English language which will open unlimited doors in their life. They are learning computer skills whereas they had never touched a computer before joining our classes and today they are navigating with the latest laptops. They are flying in the sky, full of hopes and for them, their dreams have come true: As they said during the conversation session: they are learning English because they want to get a proper job in AMERICA! They know that once they will process the English language and the digital skills, there Today’s decision will define their tomorrow and SKY IS THE LIMIT!

Classes are continuing, the numbers of students are increasing exponentially, the supervisors are doing excellent work and Wing of change e-cademy is continuing on its commitment on making wonders in Nosy Be for the well deserved and hungry of knowledge students.