March 2021


It is unbelievable that it has already been 6 months since we started our online English courses for our students in Nosy Be, Madagascar. From training the supervisors, accepting the most deserving students into the program and keeping their motivation continue with their courses, to say that we are proud of where this path has taken us is an understatement.

During the past months while our students studied at the Wings e-cademy, plenty of incredible opportunities were accessible to them – top quality online English courses, live online conversation classes with International coaches and a resource of rich English vocabulary words. The students’ abilities to comprehend and converse in English, which they gained from the Program, have helped them tremendously in building relationship with their teachers and international coaches.

We are excited to see our students, who could not utter a single English word before starting our course, conversing with each other in English, both during their courses inside the classroom as well as in the school corridors. The students who were very shy turned out to be top of the class and the most vocal. Students who had never seen a computer can now manage on their own with little to no supervision from their teachers.

At Wings e-cademy, we tailor-made our Program based on our students’ needs. We provided them with multiple series of English online courses where they get to interact with a virtual course and images that fully depict the lesson content. Our supervisors have done a remarkable job of motivating and encouraging our students. They responded with patience, helpful ideas, and a commitment to the learning process and to various teaching methods.

Last February, 19 students obtained their completion certificates and decided to continue their weekly calls with their international mentors to keep on practicing and developing their vocabulary.

We look forward to welcoming new students to our program as we expand to a larger scale, furthermore developing their new skillsets which could help them land a job in the future.